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I’ll be linking the chatroom from the main page of my website soon.

In other (but still FK-related) news, I filed a claim against that one seller who I bought the FK DVD from (which never arrived at my apartment). If you use, avoid the seller with the username “trking001” at all costs.

I bought a new copy from another seller, caiman_com… ‘cos I want my FK damnit! I’ve always been able to rely on. And I should be getting my refund from trking via in another week or two. I know how refunds work: they’ll investigate and, once they do, they’ll refund the money to the buyer.

Sorry, but what trking did is actually illegal here in the US. It’s considered fraud.

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Mostly, I write stuff. And, like the Egyptians and the Internet, I put cat pictures on my walls. Also, I can read your Tarot.

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