I just checked my FanDom stats today.

According to my FanDomination.net account’s quick stats, my fics there were read 836 times. Here’s a break-down of hits for each story that I posted there.

Title Views
About Last Knight 33
Accustomed To The Dark 175
After The Impact 96
Ain’t It Funny (The FK Remix) 29
Cerberus 24
FK Goes Commercial 32
Good Fight, Good Knight 20
I’m Real (The FK Remix) 24
Love Don’t Cost A Thing (The FK Remix) 29
Loverboy (The FK Remix) 21
Play (The FK Remix) 22
Sins Of The Father (overview) 77
SotF Part 1 30
SotF Part 2 22
SotF Part 3 20
SotF Part 4 18
SotF Part 5 22
SotF Part 6 36
The Code 74
Without Me (The FK Remix) 32

And out of all those page views, I only got two reviews. Ain’t that just a kick in the pants? It would’ve been nice if all those people who came, saw and went told me what they actually think of my writings. I do like to know what my readers think.

But… yeah. All my fics there are now flagged for deletion by the admin. Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing all along. I’ve been deleting my stuff from my FanFiction.net, FictionPress.net and FanDomination.net accounts and moving them all over to my writings site. Everything’s nicely preserved here now.

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Mostly, I write stuff. And, like the Egyptians and the Internet, I put cat pictures on my walls. Also, I can read your Tarot.

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