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I finally managed to break up the Update Blog into several pages (each page shows 5 entries, going from newest to oldest). I also added a message board, so visitors can comment on the site and engage in general writing discussion. And maybe even post some of their own work, too.

Signing up is required to post on the board, and it does not currently propagate to other parts of the site. So reviews will still require entering your name and email address. However, integrating the board more fully with the site is indeed on my list of things to do. But that won’t be for awhile yet.

All told, this is what’s on my “to do” list on the functional side of this website:

* Fully integrate standard userpanel with admin control panel
* Integrate message board with main site, combining both databases
* Make the snarl of code created by IO Design less buggy, easier to read and easier to adapt
* Make database tables and display for links listings and author info pages, and updated by a user friendly page in control panel
* Add a “charts” page for most viewed, highest rated, most reviewed and overall popular works

Basically, I’m planning to make my single-author modified version of Storyline into a new downloadable php script that doesn’t require any knowledge of php to configure or update. It’s going to take several more months though, before I can make order out of the presently chaotic scripting.

Oh, and I also split the Storyline 1.8 download info and link from the Author Info page into a separate page of its own called, fittingly, Downloads. My single-author version will also be available for download on that page once the aforementioned modifications are complete.

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Mostly, I write stuff. And, like the Egyptians and the Internet, I put cat pictures on my walls. Also, I can read your Tarot.

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