Finally, my FK muse comes out to play!

It’s been… oh, a million years since I’ve truly written anything Forever Knight related. However, my FK fic drought may be over, as my muse keeps blind-siding me with ideas. Here’s a peek at some stuff that’s in varying stages of completion.

That Time Of The Month
Pre-S1 fic. One shot. Natalie, staying at home to deal with… er, “female problems”, gets an unexpected visit from her new vampire friend. Some sexual tension and frank discussion about certain aspects of the female body here, but nothing over a PG-13 rating despite the topic. This one’s almost ready to post; just needs a couple tweaks here and there.
Posted on 10/23.

The Letter
Works at any point in the series. Nick says goodbye to Natalie, because he must move on without her. Inspired by George Sand’s farewell letter to her lover, the writer Alfred de Musset. Just needs a few tweaks here and there before posting. I almost forgot I actually had this one, but managed to unearth it on my netbook.
Posted on 11/06.

Ashes Upon The Wind (working title)
Post-AtA fic. “Death isn’t always the end. Sometimes, it’s only the beginning.” Disregards LK as a dream… however, though it’s a NNPackerish bit, it’s definitely not light and fluffy. Inspired by Abby82’s “Change Upon Us” and Mel Moser’s “After the Ashes”, but with the darker path taken down to a different conclusion. An alternate ending to the series; much like a mourner trying to make sense of someone’s death, this is me making sense of the pain/heaviness in S3. It’s in the early stages, however it probably won’t go above a PG-13 rating.

Too Much Of A Good Thing (working title)
Uncertain pedigree here, but references “The Fix”. Natalie, after the Litoveuterine debacle, hesitantly asks Nick if he’s willing to attempt more drug therapy. He agrees, and she puts him on a new experimental drug that’s said to reduce the violent tendencies in large carnivorous animals. But the drug has unforeseen side affects they never imagined… In the very early writing stages. Definitely an adult fic, due to the depiction of drug use and some questionable behaviour on Nick’s part.

The Seven Deadly Sins and The Eight Noble Virtues (working titles)
Two story arc, both part of an alternate take on “Sons Of Belial” (Season 3), using the titular sins and virtues as the primary motif. Nick, possessed by a demon, becomes highly volatile as the demon begins to assert himself. The demon, Gabal, is actually a disembodied energy-based being who simply wants nothing more than to experience the pleasures of a fleshly existence… and Natalie’s mortal body and blood is a very enticing tidbit, indeed. Can the two disparate personalities of the repentant vampire and the lusty demon actually come to an understanding and coexist in a single body… or will peace only be attained if Gabal is driven out? (Very likely to be an R or NC-17 rated affair, at least for the first of the duo.)

To Love A Beast (working title)
Unknown pedigree. Fluff. When Nick asks Natalie how she could have ever learned to love him, she responds with lending him a novel of a classic faerie tale that proves beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Be My Virtual Fantasy (working title)
Unknown pedigree. Loosely inspired by “You’ve Got Mail”, and other similar films and literature. Natalie, in an effort to escape the doldrums of her working life and the frustration of her going-nowhere relationship with Nick, wanders into the world of an adult roleplaying chatroom. There, the system administrator who created the game solicitously helps her unwind, going as far as her imagination will let them. But, as the online world begins to intersect with reality, she begins to wonder if she has fallen into a trap. (Definitely NC-17, no questions asked.)

The Gentlemen’s Club (working title)
Natalie uncovers an exclusive group in the vampire underground who have learned to indulge their baser needs without risking exposure to the rest of the world. All that’s needed are a few nice girls who can keep a secret… and don’t mind a nip or three. (NC-17, mostly an excuse for me to see if I can write group-sex/orgy/hook-up scenes.)

Untitled Work #1
Undetermined pedigree, and in the conceptualization stages. We live many lives that bring us together with others who knew us in times before. Since time immemorial he, lauded and feared by ancient civilizations as the Lord of the Dead, has spent thousands of lifetimes trying to reconnect with the love he had and lost: she who is Life itself. Has Fate finally brought the two together at last?

Untitled Work #2
Undetermined pedigree also, and also in the conceptualization stages. The origins of the vampire race may not be as mystical as we mortals have been led to believe. Could vampires in fact be the only biological remains of a long-dead alien civilization? If so, who were these ancient peoples really… and did they in fact play God with human life to save themselves?
Incorporated into my VBB fic.

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