I’m already two days behind on my NaNo novel. This is not good. I need to whip myself into shape.

Fortunately, two days behind isn’t that bad. Fortunately. And I’ve told my inner editor to shut the hell up and wait till December. That kinda helps.

And it’s 6 in the morning where I am, so I’m starting bright and early today to see how much I can write throughout the day.

Oh, and obligatory plot description (short form): Girl meets vamp, they fall in love, and it pisses off the rest of the vampire community. Girl is now pregnant with hybrid baby, and has a death warrant to her name because the current ruler is pissed about it, as there’s a prophecy involved saying this kid’ll be the vampire version of Jesus.

So basically, plot-wise, I’ve stripped my long-ago (and I do mean long-ago) aborted FK fic “Sins of the Father” down to its most essential parts, and made it a non-FK story. But there’ll be enough FK/generic-vampire references and in-jokes. And I tend to like adding pop culture digs into my work too, sometimes. The long form ones, anyway.

Just ask my DarkLight/Goetica writing partner CaddyWack, and she’ll tell you how I roll in fic-creation. It’s actually much easier to write with a partner, but this one (the NaNo) has to be all me. And that’s what I find overwhelming, because on my own I’m better at short stories than at novel-size ones. But I want to be a proper author, so I need to train myself to “go the distance”, as it were. That’s why I signed on to NaNo in the first place. To prove to myself that I can hack writing novel-length stories.

I better shut up and get back to writing. But hey, actually talking about it in my LJ has kinda bolstered my enthusiasm back to its proper levels. So yay! 😀

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