Day of Indulgence 2010!

I’ll be participating in the challenge this year with an FK fic (one of the adult fic ideas I posted in a private entry would be perfect for this…).

It looks to be the most awesome ficcing ever! It’s any fandom, any rating, any genre. In short, anything you want to write! Feel free to toss the rules and conventions of your fandom(s) out the window, and don’t be afraid to attack a cliche or three with gusto! Got a kink you want to write? Don’t apologize, just do it! This is the day for pure guilt-free shameless self-indulgence fic fun!

Deadline for your Indulgence Day fic is on Feb. 25th, and signups are most definitely still welcome, from what I can tell. 😀 Just join the group and post a comment on this post stating your willingness to participate. And don’t forget to tell your friends!

Also, apropos of nothing, I’m working on my post-AtA fic as well. I was working on my FK/SG-1 crossover fic on my netbook, but Windows XP is being a bitch. So I’m using my mom’s old Windows ME dinosaur for now.

And I’ve finally gotten around to cracking open my copy of Keeper Of The King. Not sure whether or not I like it thus far, and I’m already on Chapter 4. No offense meant to Mr. Bennett and Ms. Elrod. (And yes, I have its sequels His Father’s Son and Siege Perilous.)

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