New adult fics!

Over the past several months, I’ve written several steamy mature fics (and two gen fics) over on LJ. Now, they’ve been archived here for your reading pleasure!

New in Fan Fiction > Forever Knight:
That Time Of The Month – Natalie, staying at home to deal with “female problems”, gets an unexpected visit from her new vampire friend. (PG-13)
The Letter – Nick’s farewell letter to his mortal love, Natalie. (G)
Handcuffs Do Have Their Uses – A bit of fantasy. Involves mild bondage. Written as a belated Xmas present to the FK fans on LJ. (NC-17)
Making Up – The aftermath of an argument. Written for oxoniensis’ Porn Battle 9. (R)
Ménage à Trois – Natalie intends to confront Nick in the Raven’s backrooms… until she sees what he’s doing there. Nick/Nat/Janette. Threesome, anal sex. Written for oxoniensis’ Porn Battle 9. (NC-17)
Partners – Nick/Tracy. A bit o’ friends-with-benefits fluff. Written for oxoniensis’ Porn Battle 9. (NC-17)

New in Fan Fiction > Stargate SG-1:
The First Time – Daniel Jackson remembers the first time he and Sha’re made love. Written for oxoniensis’ Porn Battle 9. (NC-17)

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