My vampirebigbang fic: a teaser.

Yes folks, I’m indeed writing a Forever Knight story for the . And I’m the only one thus far. Phooey! (However, there is time – signups will close late next month, so those who’re doing who also want to do the VBB as well will still be in the clear to get cracking once the ‘Fest wraps.)

Anywho, I decided to plumb the depths of my memory of discarded fic ideas for something that might keep non-FK fans interested as well. And I finally hit on an idea I had back in ’97-’98, as a freshman in high school.

It was a vague memory of a scene I’d written, and has been buried in the sands of time: a young AU!Natalie wakes to find herself on an unsettled planet in another part of the galaxy. She’s obviously lost, disoriented, frightened. Until a handsome fellow she doesn’t recognize happens upon her in that untamed, unfamiliar wilderness. He introduces himself as Nicolas and takes her to where a pocket of human settlers can be found on this strange new world, where she will be safer among their number.

Of what I remember writing, I only got as far as him actually showing up. It offers a notion that, nonetheless, intrigues me even more with the passage of time and has come back to tease me with ideas and fantasies of this alien world. How would Nick and Nat’s relationship have developed here, with her depending on him from that initial vulnerable moment (an inversion of their meeting in the canon ‘verse)? And how would Nick — as the lone vampire in a small tribal settlement of humans — continue to thrive with his dark secret a secret no longer? And, the seemingly most important of them all, who or what put them there in the first place? And will they — or do they even want to — find a way back home to Earth?

Thus, with more ideas in mind than I had on the outset (lo, those many moons ago), I shall pen this most curious AU!fic. The VBB-fic outline is almost complete, and patiently waiting for me to finish my (much shorter) piece. I must admit, though, that the sheer epic quality that I’ve dreamed up to fall into place with the original scene from my girlhood writing days is most daunting. I can only hope I will do justice to the scenes I see so clearly and beautifully now in my mind.

And I certainly hope that — in a community dominated by Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries fans — folks not familiar with our lovely little show will find my piece intriguing enough to actually try out some episodes. Probably a long shot there, but I can hope!

Oh, and there’s one artist who mentioned they’d be willing to make FK art to correspond to any FK stories. That made me feel ten kinds of fangirly squeeful.

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