Survey says: More FK fic!

For those curious as to my progress on my fic, here’s the comment I posted in the VBB Checkpoint #1 thread. I posted it on the 8th, and am beginning to make more progress now that I can focus on the VBB fic wholeheartedly.

Even better for me now, I have the stuff from my crapped-out netbook backed up now*, including the fics I had been working on (one of which is an FK/Stargate SG-1 crossover I’d been bemoaning the temporary “loss” of). So, I will be writing more, more, more of everybody’s favourite repentant vampire in the future.

That’s the funny thing about fan fiction; you can’t just write one piece. After you’ve completed one fic, you want to write more. At least, that’s how it works for me.

By the way, signups for authors at are open ’til June 20th, and signups for artists remain open until… uh, doomsday I guess. They don’t say when/if artist signups will close in their FAQ. **

But yay for fan fiction fun!

* Best Buy’s Geek Squad are my totes new best friends now. My (questionable) sanity has been saved!

** Edit 5/19: I just found out artist/mixer signups will be closing on Aug 5th, midnight PST. Also, so far, I’m still the only confirmed FK author. If other FK authors decide to join before the signups close on June 20th, I will be posting a list of personages on the closing day to keep folks in the fandom apprised of the potential/upcoming fic.

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