The idea I had posted for my fic, based on that ’97-’98 scene I wrote (which is now a friends-only post)? Tip of the iceberg, baby. This will be seriously the most epic AU-story-of-a-vampire-and-his-human-girlfriend-living-on-another-planet ever. Which some FK fans will find to be either an Epic of Win or Epic of Fail, based on how tightly they cling to canon interpretations and whether they’re more SF or horror/mystery folk. (Hint: Being a big SF fan will really help in sitting through this one. Trust me on that.)

Spending this afternoon at the library doing copious amounts of research certainly helped solidify the vague ideas rumbling around in my brain for the past month into a coherent plot. I even came up with an awesome title before the actual writing (which never ever happens to me)!

Don’t even try guessing what I’ve got planned. You’d be wrong. On the other hand, feel free to speculate. I’ll most likely giggle a lot over it.

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