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The VBB author signups are, apparently, now closed. A 5-day extension had been given for johnny-come-latelys to signup. Though there hasn’t been an official mod post that signups are closed, nobody else has attempted to signup after the new date: June 25th.

This means I’m the only confirmed FK author for the VBB challenge. Just like the last Porn Battle I was in. Boo.

That being said, the VBB-fic is coming along quite nicely. My crapload of research, notetaking, brainstorming and outlining is completed, and the document is already over 1000 words long. Which means 1/10th of the minimum word-count is already completed. *w00t!*

I also came up with a working title that is very awesome and somewhat fitting (like I said in a previous post, that never happens – the title usually comes last, and only after a great mental struggle with it). I have dubbed this new FK fic:

The Southern Gate

Sounds pretty awesome, huh? (And no, it’s not the FK/SG-1 crossover I’ve been hinting about for ages.)

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