Updates on my Forever Knight WIPs.

Now, I have to tell you, I do have a whole bunch of works-in-progress on my plate. Here, right now, I’m going to solve the mystery of why I haven’t posted any of ’em yet.

The Southern Gate — This was supposed to be a single fic completed in time for the Vampire Big Bang but, somewhere along the way, life threw me for a loop. Lame, I know, but it’s the truth. Now, looking back on the 7 chapters I’ve posted on AO3, I’ve realized that I tried to make up for the lost time by rushing the story development. The result? An unbeta’d character-derailing mess (the first two chapters are fine, everything else is… *cringe*). It should be and deserves to be awesome. So, I will be reviewing my work and deep-sixing anything that doesn’t make logistical/narrative sense. I MUST RE-WRITE THE MOST RECENT CHAPTERS BEFORE I FINISH IT.

And, before you ask, it will be expanded into a trilogy to accommodate the complex narrative.

The Scent/Darkness series — I haven’t touched this thing in forever (thanks to for reminding me, because I almost forgot about it). I write a lot better than that, nowadays, and it will likely also expand into a trilogy as well. But I have to completely revamp it, first. This is not going to happen soon, but eventually.

Sins Of The Father — Another oldie but “goodie”. It’s crap, actually, but still has the germs of a few good ideas. I will likely merge the “meat” of it with either the Scent/Darkness series, or a new “4th Season” series I’m planning (which will include introductions to other breeds of supernatural creatures, and a previously-unused-in-fandom explanation for how Nat could survive the finale).

The Mirror ‘verse (aka “Secrets & Sins” on , concept by ) — In the works, definitely. But, the narrative for upcoming parts still needs work. I have snippets of ideas, but nothing truly solid for it to stand on, yet. And it’s a fantastic idea that deserves 100% of my attention, so it’s gonna be a bit more of a wait.

The Sins/Virtues series — Haven’t started it yet. It’s been shoved aside, and is patiently waiting for me to finish the more demanding series (particularly Southern Gate and the Mirror ‘verse), first.

Approx. two-dozen other short pieces and one-shots I’ve mentioned in locked posts yea many moons ago and/or are sitting in snippets on my HDD — They’re in the works, still, obviously. The SG1/FK crossover needs some architectural work, and others are on the back burner to slide in after the big pieces have had their moment. They will likely pop up at random, depending on the ease of completion. (And a recent historical fiction idea is also demanding my attention, which should make ‘s day — as well as mine — when it’s finished too!)

Somebody please tell my muses to chill the hell out; I can’t think straight with all these plot bunnies makin’ such a racket!

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