Ack! Not another plot bunny!

Yes folks, another plot bunny attacked my brain again not even an hour ago. They just love to drive me crazy with their antics.

This time, I was pondering Cate Blanchett’s magnificent performances as Queen Elizabeth I in the film Elizabeth (1998) and its sequel Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007). From the time I first saw Elizabeth during its run in the theatres, I’ve pretty much been enthralled by Ms. Blanchett’s by turns towering, vulnerable, feminine and even sly take on the legendary Virgin Queen. (And yes, I’ve also seen her as Lady Marian in the recent remake of Robin Hood, but I’ll always see her as Queen Bess in my mind. She’s just THAT good at playing bona fide royalty.)

Then as usual, the wheels in my brain started turning, and a stray FK-related thought popped up that simply won’t leave me alone: a curiosity about the Dark Trio’s movements in the time of Good Queen Bess’ reign over England.

It’s odd and disconcerting because, well… up until recently, I’ve never thought myself an historical fic writer. Apparently, though, I’m well on my way to being one (first the plot bunny for Nick’s origin story, and now this…).

Hmmm… I think I’ll add this one higher up on the list of “things to write”. And I’m gonna watch Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age again. Just because Cate rocks my socks.

Also, I think I’ll start handing out tickets to my plot bunnies, then tell them to get in line and WAIT THEIR DAMN TURN.

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