NN Deleted Scenes!

Which episode(s) would you like to me to write a NN-centric “deleted/extended/alternate scene” (similar to the Unnamed Faction’s Unseen Scenes, but with a strictly canon!NN focus)?

Please note: the “titles” are merely descriptions to hint at what the deleted/extended scene is about. The actual fic titles will probably be something like “Deleted Scene: {Episode Name Here}”.

Season 1

  • False Witness: Extended Popcorn Fight 2 (40.0%)
  • Cherry Blossoms: Extended Fight Scene 0 (0.0%)
  • I Will Repay: In the Hospital 1 (20.0%)
  • Only the Lonely: After Roger’s Attack 1 (20.0%)
  • 1966: Alternate Tag Scene 1 (20.0%)

Season 2

  • Killer Instinct: Extended Jailcell Scene 1 (14.3%)
  • Stranger Than Fiction: Alternate Tag Scene 1 (14.3%)
  • Undue Process: Extended Comfort Scene 0 (0.0%)
  • The Fix: A Sunlit Stroll on the Beach 1 (14.3%)
  • Curiouser & Curiouser: Extended Apartment Scene 0 (0.0%)
  • Be My Valentine: After the Kissing Starts 3 (42.9%)
  • A More Permanent Hell: Drunk!Natalie and Nick (Canon Version) 1 (14.3%)

Season 3

  • Black Buddha, Pt. 1: Explosion Extended 0 (0.0%)
  • My Boyfriend Is A Vampire: Extended Tag Scene 0 (0.0%)
  • Let No Man Tear Asunder: Extended Tag Scene 0 (0.0%)
  • Night in Question: Natalie on the Couch 2 (40.0%)
  • Fever: Extracting a Deadly Cure 1 (20.0%)
  • Human Factor: Lost in the Fire 0 (0.0%)
  • Fallen Idol: Sleeping Arrangements 0 (0.0%)
  • Ashes to Ashes: After the Tag Scene 2 (40.0%)

Also, if there’s a deleted scene you’d like to see from an episode that isn’t listed above, drop me a comment.

(And before you ask: no, I’m not doing a Sons of Belial deleted scene or alternate ending, because I’m saving that for my Sins/Virtues story duo. And the whole LK debacle I ain’t touchin’ right now.)

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