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Another FK essay will be on its way soon-ish. It was originally supposed to be about sexuality, but I got (delightfully) sidetracked by watching the vids on Feminist Frequency’s YouTube channel.

Turning over in my head the overall anti-woman messages present in our culture got me thinking… and I realized my in-progress sexuality-in-FK essay is well on its way to morphing into a discourse on the treatment of female sexuality in FK, the representation of women and the presence of male fantasy (aka the “male gaze”) in the show.

Tentative title for the essay is Take Me, I’m Yours. And before you ask, I have no idea whatsoever when it’ll be completed. Like my fanfic, I have to stare at the virtual page till my thoughts come together and forehead bleeds the right words through my fingers.

Although, my informal essays/rants tend come a lot easier than my fic-writing. Who knows? Spouting my opinion off may be the one thing I’m actually good at. 😉

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Mostly, I write stuff. And, like the Egyptians and the Internet, I put cat pictures on my walls. Also, I can read your Tarot.

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