Yet another Plot Bunny.

I just finished reading the drabbles on , and an FK/Supernatural fic idea sprung to my head after reading one of the ficlets. Go figure. I have one scene in my head so far, that includes this snappy bit of dialogue:

[Nat and Dean are trussed together in rope]

Dean: “So, what’re you thinking?”

Nat: “Mostly, it involves unwelcome boners.”

And this one liner, involving the aforementioned rope and Natalie getting to be an Action Girl, for once.

Dean: “What is this? Crouching Tiger, Hidden Natalie?”

But mostly, the idea of the Winchester boys and Nick and Nat getting together to fight the forces of evil (Team Free Will!) is too awesome to ignore. Especially with Nat and Dean having to deal with each other. And don’t you think, on the other side of things, that Sam and Nick would just get on like a house on fire?

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