“Oh, look who knows so much!”

So, I recently completed the posting of my two-part Twilight spitefic on [profile] twispitefic, A03, and The Pit. It’s called “Never Again” and, basically, points out most of the abusetastic elements in Edward and Bella’s relationship I’ve bitched about.

Cue an Anon E. Mouse on FF.net Just. Not. Getting It!

“But canon!Bella was manipulative too!” Argh! *headdesk*

I explained this fic’s Bella was written the way Stephenie Meyer had actually intended for her to be (smart, shy and doesn’t think much of herself) right in the damn opening note of Part 1! And Bella being manipulative and whiny, in some people’s minds, would justify Edward’s abuse of her… which would cloud the very purpose of the fic in the first place!

But you haven’t heard the best yet. Apparently, I’m also a victim-blamer for writing her as having low self-esteem and, y’know, struggling to realize that that abusive shit wasn’t her fault.

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

Anon, your failing at basic reading comprehension, and inability to Google “psychological effects of domestic violence”, does not mean my writing is underdeveloped.

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