Cleaning up the bazillion fiction files… with a little help.

Apparently, I’m slow on the uptake. I realized the other day that the reason it takes me so long to write fic, is because I have a bajillion files for each one. And they’re not all in the same place (some of them are in really quite random spots; WTF self?!).

Say hello to my new BFF: yWriter5. Has all the bells and whistles of an expensive novel-writing word processor program, but it’s completely free. And it’s EPIC.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

(Click to enlarge for more awesome.)

And yes, that is my FK AU-fic The Southern Gate on the screen. (Can it be? *gasp!* Yes, I’m actually re-writing it! As promised, yo!)

I also have a “novel” designated for all my short FK fics, and others for other fandoms/spitedoms/original stuff. I basically spent all of yesterday and this morning sorting through my current mishmash of .doc files, .txt notes, and paper scribblings, then porting them over into their respective projects I have in yWriter, so I can keep better track of everything. And I’m nowhere close to finished on that, yet.

Will this make things easier? Well, so far, so good. It definitely looks a little less overwhelming!

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