AO3: Popular & Overlooked Fics Meme(s)

I’m procrastinating. Go me. But here’s my ten most popular (determined by hits & kudos), and my three most overlooked (least amount of hits & kudos, and which I’m proud of), on my AO3 account. I’m not sure where the popular fic meme is from, but the “overlooked” meme was [personal profile] brightknightie‘s idea; I merely decided to combine the two memes into one.


1. Covenant (Explicit) – 728 hits, 5 kudos
Harry Potter movie-verse, non-con/torture, Bellatrix/Hermione
Figures that my most popular work is a Porn Battle entry where a batshit-crazy woman magically rapes a young girl. You sick, sick puppies. 😛

2. Queen Of The Dead (Explicit) – 420 hits, 6 kudos
Greek mythology, humor, Hades/Persephone
Hades gets a bad rap in the modern world that he really doesn’t deserve. If anybody bothered to do actual research, they’d find he’s actually one of (if not the) nicest god in the Olympian pantheon. With this Porn Battle, I gamely blew raspberries at those who can’t be bothered with accuracy.

3. Banked Fires (Mature) – 340 hits, 6 kudos
Greek mythology, romance, Hades/Persephone
Sort of, but not really, the dramatic counterpart to Queen Of The Dead. Yes, I’m a Hades fangirl. Why do you ask? 😉

4. With My Hands Tied (Explicit) – 188 hits, 2 kudos
Forever Knight, BDSM, Nick/Natalie
My most popular FK fic, though it really doesn’t deserve it. This Porn Battle piece has really not aged well at all, but I can’t be bothered with rewriting it. It’s too over-the-top ridiculous.

5. A Mother’s Love (Teen) – 77 hits, 1 kudo
Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush saga, drama, Nora Grey & her mom
My only Hush, Hush fic, written as a reaction to [profile] zelda_queen‘s sporking of the book. There’s plenty to object to (like the fact that Patch makes Edward Cullen look like a emblem of decency), but I hit the roof when Ms. Fitzpatrick decided to crap on mother/daughter relationships.

6. The Issues We Both Have (Teen) – 76 hits, 2 kudos
The Twilight Saga, drama, Bella/Edward
A nice, brief little piece where Edward and Bella begin to talk out their issues, set during Eclipse. It’s fluffier and gentler on the characters than my typical Twi-fic.

7. Never Again (Mature) – 75 hits, 1 kudo
The Twilight Saga, drama/abuse, Bella/Edward
A darker, all-human take on the entirety of the Twilight series. It was emotionally difficult but paradoxically easy for me to write, as a study of the mind of an abuse victim/survivor. All Edward’s behaviour here is recontextualized without apologies, and Bella’s self-castigating thoughts given the fridge horror element they deserve. It ends on a far more realistic note than these kind of fics generally do.

8. Small Victory (Teen) – 62 hits, 0 kudos
The Twilight Saga, drama/strong language, Bella/Edward
A counter to the scene in Eclipse, where Edward removes a part from Bella’s truck to prevent her from meeting up with the Quilieute werewolves. Here, Bella reacts more realistically to Edward’s controlling behaviour. That is to say, she flips out over this proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

9. Without You (Teen) – 52 hits, 3 kudos
Forever Knight, drabble/drama, Nick/Lacroix
My first and only M/M fic. In retrospect, I’m not all that fond of this drabble, but I am pleased with the response nonetheless. I had originally given it a “Mature” rating, but later downgraded it to “Teen” rating; you have to tilt your head thirty degrees and squint to find the adult material in this drabble.

10. Life Debt (G) – 50 hits, 2 kudos
Forever Knight, drabble/post-LK, Natalie
A female-centric fic for [community profile] fkcommentfic, which I wrote based upon a request by [personal profile] havocthecat. Here, in a post-LK world, Natalie wakes up as a vampire… and the identity of her “master” may surprise you.

Overlooked & Underrated:

1. Damned (Mature) – 3,267 words
The Twilight Saga, one-shot/AU, Bella/Edward
This is my newest baby, and as a Twilight “spitefic,” it hasn’t gotten that much attention on AO3. Rather suprising, given that it’s a darker, more realistic AU of the horrendous book/film Breaking Dawn… something that Stephenie Meyer’s fans once clamoured for. It is also the first part of what will be a series of one-shots (a prequel and two sequels are on the way). I actually rated it pretty high due to the vampiric violence present, not because of the sensuality.

2. Making Up (Mature) – 747 words
Forever Knight, one-shot/romance, Nick/Natalie
Quite possibly the most tender NN-fic I’ve ever written, depicting Nick and Natalie after a fight and make-up lovemaking. Despite its high rating for soft-core sensuality (equivalent to an R in films), it’s mostly a character study, and is much sweeter and less explicit than its Porn Battle origins suggest.

3. The Greatest Joy (Explicit) – 833 words
Stargate SG-1, one-shot/romance, Teal’c/Drey’auc
My first chromatic fic. I have both a soft-spot for Teal’c and a preference for the canon couples of the Gateverse (I’d requested the pairing of Teal’c/Drey’auc in one Porn Battle, but no one took me up on it, so I wrote the pairing myself for the subsequent Battle). This is a simple pre-Season 1 one-shot depicting Teal’c making love to his wife, after she gives him some very happy news. Like Making Up, I’m displaying a softer side to my ‘ships in spite of the Porn Battle influence.

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