NaNo 2012.

I’m gonna be doing NaNo. I know what I want to write, I’ve got a complete plot outlined, and my trigger-finger is itchy.

I just can’t decide if it should be written in 3rd person or 1st person. And, in case you’re wondering, it’s the novel for my original character in this fic.

What the fic hints at, but doesn’t tell you:

L.E. is a Latina American with a white non-action guy sidekick named Chaz. L.E., despite growing up in poverty and squalor, is very intelligent and well read, quotes Shakespeare and Twain from memory, and is an opera/classical enthusiast (amazing what a library card can do for you…). Her relationship with Chaz is very fraternal and will never be romantic, but they are the most important things in each other’s lives, nonetheless.

L.E.’s too busy saving the world to care about all the sex she’s not having. And Chaz is practically married to technology, so he’s one happy nerdboy (what with breaking into the Pentagon’s databanks and whatnot).

Also, the DMHAA (government agency) is holding L.E.’s family hostage because she broke out of the testing facility and refuses to surrender.

AND… the Boss who’s running the government agency’s facility is a Big Bad who’s actually a lackey to a Bigger Bad. And I based the Boss’s looks/voice on Geraint Wyn Davies at his quietly-creepiest (think a more Zen-like Zin). And he grows to respect L.E. in the end.


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