My October fic.

Just in case you missed ’em, here’s the fic I wrote in October:

Was it Good for You?
50 Shades Trilogy/Supernatural (implied) – T rating | 230 words
“Ana’s not here right now.” Anastacia Steele is not at all who she appears to be.

Brief Candle
Twilight series – T rating | 724 words
“My life has never been mine. Someone else has always been pulling my strings.” Not all vampires get to live forever. Some die very young.

Crossroads Blues
Twilight series/SupernaturalT rating | 624 words
“She would have everything she ever wanted if she just kissed him.” Edward was right about one thing. The Volturi aren’t the bad guys.

50 Shades Trilogy/Harry Potter series – G rating | 546 words
“I was never in control of my body. He forced me to do what he wanted.” Christian Grey’s abusive treatment of Ana is interrupted by a very magical trio.

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