Mel’s 2012 Fanfic Roundup


Walk With Me
Forever Knight – General – 3747 words – 16.Apr.12
Post-LK fic. In the realm between worlds, repentant vampire Nicholas de Brabant meets the Almighty; they talk about (Un)Life and the Big Plan, go for a stroll and eat curly fries with loads of ketchup.

Forever Nick & Nat: An Unconventional Love Story in Drabbles
Forever Knight – Teen – 3200 words – 7.May.12
The complete collection of FK drabbles I posted to the 100_words comm at LJ. The drabbles follow the trajectory of Nick and Natalie’s relationship from its very beginnings, to the series finale… and beyond. New drabbles added sporadically.

The Ties that Bind

Forever Knight – General – 3750 words – 29.Jul.12
Written for the 2012 FKFicFest, based on a prompt by brightknightie. Third season/post-series fic. A string of deaths throughout Toronto and Montreal lead the 96th Precinct to collaborate with the Quebecois police force. While in Montreal, Nick crosses paths with someone he thought was lost to him forever.

Something New Everyday
Forever Knight – General – 103 words – 5.Nov.12
Drabble for the fic_promptly comm at DW. Captain Amanda Cohen on the job.

Trains and Winter Rains
Forever Knight – General – 178 words – 3.Dec.12
Written for the fkcommentfic community’s Bloor Street Mistletoe Station Round. Nick remembers how he loved Natalie, in secret and in silence.



Never Again
Twilight – Mature – 9612 words – 23.Feb.12
All-Human AU. Quiet and shy Bella can’t believe her luck when she’s wooed and won by the popular Edward Cullen. He seems quite the catch but, as his moods become more frighteningly erratic, she begins to wonder if this is the only love she deserves.

Small Victory
Twilight – Teen – 1052 words – 10.Mar.12
Bella has an epiphany when Edward removes a part from the engine of her truck.

Twilight – Mature – 3267 words – 21.Apr.12
First fic in the Mending Sunrise series, a Breaking Dawn AU. Bella, newly awakened into the life of a vampire, faces the prospect of her first hunt.

Twilight – Teen – 3931 words – 14.May.12
Prequel fic in the Mending Sunrise series, a Breaking Dawn AU. A wedding followed up with impending parenthood is all perfectly normal for most people… but not when your new husband is a vampire.

Twilight – Mature – 3850 words – 5.Jun.12
Sequel fic in the Mending Sunrise series, a Breaking Dawn AU. As tensions escalate between the Cullens and the wolf pack, a series of surprising revelations take place… and at least one of them is particularly unpleasant to a certain new mom.

Brief Candle
Twilight – Teen – 724 words – 10.Oct.12
Flash!fic re-write of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Not all vampires get to live forever. Some die very young.



Bella and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Twilight/Alexander series (Judith Viorst) – General – 921 words – 20.Jun.12

Re-write of the first three chapters of Twilight, using Judith’s language and writing style. Bella wakes up with her hair in tangles… and her day just gets worse from there.

L.E. to the Rescue
50 Shades Trilogy/homebrew – Mature – 1422 words – 25.Aug.12
Renegade supersoldier L.E., with some help from her computer-savvy sidekick Chaz, is on the hunt for one Christian Grey.

Was it Good for You?
50 Shades Trilogy/Supernatural (implied) – Teen – 230 words – 10.Oct.12
Anastacia Steele is not at all who she appears to be.

Crossroads Blues
Twilight/Supernatural – Teen – 624 words – 15.Oct.12
Dealfic. Edward was right about one thing. The Volturi aren’t the bad guys.

50 Shades Trilogy/Harry Potter – General – 546 words – 24.Oct.12
Christian Grey’s abusive treatment of Ana is interrupted by a very magical trio.

Debate Fic: Nick Knight vs. Edward Cullen
Forever Knight/Twilight – Teen – 1470 words – 6.Nov.12
Nick and Edward discuss their similarities… and their very clear differences.

Debate Fic 2: Natalie Lambert vs. Bella Swan
Forever Knight/Twilight – Teen – 1476 words – 12.Nov.12
Follow-up to the Nick vs. Edward debate fic. Natalie has words with Bella.

Twilight/Stargate SG-1 – General – 863 words – 26.Dec.12
Something weird’s going on in Forks, Washington. Luckily, the SGC has a man on the inside to find out why.



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