SotF: possible retool.

If I’m quiet, it’s because I’m writing. I have loads of fics (original and fannish) on the pallet.

But you all probably knew that.

I re-read Sins of the Father, as I now have ideas on how to retool it (as opposed to doing away with it completely, as I had originally intended). It isn’t as awful a fic as I’ve imagined, (especially as it is one of my oldest surviving fics), but it’s not fantastic either. I honestly don’t have any idea why I had hated this fic for so long. Yeah, it’s not great… but it shows some real promise. I just need to FIX it, then finish it, so it can live up to that promise. It can also give me a chance to play with the old NNPack/fandom tropes, which is always fun.

I admit it: I’m insanely critical of my own writing, but only because I want to do the best possible job I can. And if it’s something I’m not ready for yet, I table it. For weeks, months, sometimes even years.

My perfectionistic streak slows me down. It’s a serious flaw of mine, especially in regards to my writing. I’m working on that. (But I no longer get so emotional or defensive when people critique my work. That’s a plus!)

I’m ready to revisit SotF now, to give the story the care it deserves, especially as I now remember where it was supposed to be headed… and I know how much better I can do, now that I have a 10 more years of writing experience under my belt than I did when I first noodled around with it.

Also, I want you all to see Nick and Nat’s baby grow up. She’ll be a helluva fine woman one day. But not before Mommy and Daddy go through hell, first, to see that she WILL grow up (but you probably figured out that something like that would happen, as it was hinted in SotF already).

And, in case you’re wondering what finally lit the fire under my ass, I have two words for you: Breaking Dawn.*shudder* I can totally write a better, more logical dhampir birth than that, and by gum, I’m a-gonna prove it! With SotF! (The logic of SotF really isn’t the issue; it’s the overwrought silliness of the prose that’s the bigger problem.)

I also need to figure out where to place SotF against the canonical timeline. Does post-LK sound good to everyone, or does that sound too obvious? If anybody has more cogent opinions, I’ll consider them.

In general, though:

I can’t promise when anything I’m writing will be finished. All I can say is “wait and see.” (Sucks, I know. I don’t like waiting either.) Just know that there’s lots of fannish stuff I’m working on, and each piece will be out and up on AO3 when it feels right and complete… and not a moment before time.

WaltD was the only person to write a birthday ficlet for me. The check is in the mail, dude, I swear. (It’ll pop up on AO3, eventually.)

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