FK Egypt AU update.

I’ve completed the bulk of my research for my Alexandrian Egypt AU (yes, I’ve been buried in stacks of books for the past several months). Anything else will depend on an as-it’s-written basis. But I’ve got the backbone of it, and an outline at the ready.

I will be writing the fic in this year’s NaNo. I’ve also given it a real name: Between Two Lands. (Its working title was Beneath the Eye of Ra, which is just cumbersome.)

Netauri (aka Natalie, as the Blind Seer of the temple of Amaunet) has been extraordinarily patient with me. And Nikolaos is angsting, like usual, and flashbacking to the Trojan War (the latter of which totally blindsided me, BTW). Netauri also insisted Nik seek out her brother’s home at the beginning of the story, instead of her temple like I had originally planned.

Yeah, I haven’t even started the actual story yet, and Netauri’s already taking charge and being pleasantly bossy (especially with our hero). She’s already all kinds of awesome.

I had tried to start it Jan of last year, when I first got the plot bunny, but I was hit by personal/health issues not long after. So, yay for catching up on my projects!

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