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I’ve created this list for the sake of my own sanity… and for the joy that will come in crossing these babies off one by one. So, if you’re wondering what the HELL is taking me so long to get my fanstuffs posted on my AO3 dashboard… here’s why:

I’ve got 34 one-shots and 22 multi-chapter fics in the Forever Knight-verse, I’ve got 44 one-shots pending for the twispitefic comm, I have 3 other fanfic novel(la)s in the works, and I’ve got 18 original fiction pieces and 7 non-fiction pieces jumping on me like a pack of Jack Russell fucking Terriers.

Yeah, that’s 128 things for me to finish writing. Good thing most of them are short pieces!

The plot bunnies have obviously overwhelmed me, hence the handy-dandy list and joining up to [community profile] onedeadplotbunny for warm fuzzies. I need all the help I can get taking these suckers down.

• Grease Monkey
• Like a Rose on the Grave of Love (was Ashes Unto the Wind)
• Degrees of Darkness
• The Gentlemen’s Club
• Cast in Plaster, Memories of Rock
• The Phone Call
• You Can Let Go Now, Daddy
• Too Much of a Good Thing
• Upon a Midknight Clear (Xmas Fic – WIP since 2009)
• Sexhibition
• Surrender
• Soar
• Where You Go
• Be My Virtual Fantasy
• Neighbours
• The Fine Art of Making Vampire Teabags
• The Making of Fangboy: An Alternate Not-Ready-For-Primetime Take on When Nick Joined Club Med for the Damned
• Sweet Child of Mine
• Ladies of the (K)Night
• Breaking the Code
• Frozen
• Say My Name
• At This End of Time
• Underwater
• Technical Difficulties
• Still Waters Run Dark
• Mourning My Love for You
• Greek Myth/LK X-over
• Drive Thru Scene
• Open Letter from Nick
• The Moments that Count
• Till Death Do Us Part
• Distaff Knight
• “Let Her Go” Songfic

• 100_Words Drabbles
• NN Scenes Ficlets
• Five Things Ficlets
• Virtual Season 4
• Alt. 3rd Season
• Sci-Fi AU (Southern Gate – WIP since 2010)
• Superhero AU
• Rock Star AU
• Ancient Egypt AU
• Mirror-Verse AU
• Chromatic AU
• Demonic Possession AU
• Dystopian Future-Fic
• Post-LK Next-Gen Fic (was Sins of the Father – WIP since 2002)
• 1001 Brabantian Nights/Dark Nick AU Frame Novel
• Historical Fic #1: Nick’s Human Life
• Historical Fic #2: Elizabethan Era
• FK/SPN Crossover – Post-LK
• FK/SG1 Crossover Fic – Post-LK
• FK/TWI Crossover #1: Sci-Fi AU
• FK/TWI Crossover #2: Nick in Seattle, Post-LK (also inc. 50 Shades)
• Nick and Natalie Read Twilight

• An Elder’s Prerogative
• Awake
• Veritas
• Whack A Sue
• I Will Repay
• A Meeting of Minds
• Not Waving but Drowning
• Pure Chance
• L.E. Returns
• Ad Astra Per Aspera
• The Master’s Mate
• What’s Love Got to Do with It?
• When Life Hands You Lemons…
• Happily Never After
• Psyche & Eros
• Line of Defense
• Good Boy
• Don’t F*** with the French
• The Epilogue: Killing Her Softly
• Saying Sorry Don’t Make It Right
• There is More to Love
• Song for Mama
• Heritage
• Charlatan
• Like Mother, Like Daughter
• Domestic Disturbance at 402 Cedar Lane
• Journey to the Center of the Sparkle
• The Perfect Boyfriend: The Remix
• Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
• Requiem In Pace
• Bad Medicine
• Nessie the Vampire Nemesis
• Alone in a Dark Wood
• I Believe the Children are Our Future
• Gauche Couture
• Forgive Me
• Honour Thy Father
• Le Maestro e la Tua Cantante
• Beautiful Liar
• Bucking the Trend of True Love
• Mending Sunrise Ending Fic
• TWI Polyamory AU
• TWI Cosmic Horror AU
• Growing Up Cullen-Inspired Fic

• 50 Shades of Grey Sci-Fi AU Novella (for twispitefic)
• Twilight Faerie AU Novella (for twispitefic)
• SUPERNATURAL Fic Novel (co-writing with Nicole)

• Poetry Compilation
• YA Thriller Novel (L.E.’s story)
• Rock-Lit Fic Novel
• Psychic Detective Novel
• Dystopian Vampire Novel
• Sci-Fi Odyssey Epic Novel
• Werewolf Romance Novel
• Satirical Romance/Paranormal Novel
• 50 Shades-inspired Crime/Horror Novel
• Twilight Series Parody Novel
• Faustian Novel
• The Farmer’s Wife
• The General’s Wife
• Persephone/Hades Novel
• Demon Detective Novel (co-writing with Nicole)
• Original Vampire Novel (co-writing with Nicole–editing/restructuring stage)
• Original Vampire Novel: The Film Script

• “Light Weaver” Sporking
• “Dark Desires” Sporking
• ETIFB Sporking
• Twilight vs. FK
• FK Episode Recaps
• Bible Commentary
• Dual Autobiography (co-writing with my mother)

I’ll be adding to this list if I find any strays needing some rounding up (either in my harddrive or among my papers). But what’s here is currently all the stuff parked in my yWriter and in my FanFiction folder.

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