My current writing projects.

Since I’ve been pretty quiet, I just figured I’d let you all know what I’m up to. Yes, it involves writing. A lot of writing. Here’s the projects I’m currently working on:

Griffin Unbowed (The Pureblood Series, Book 1 of 12)
This is the first book of the original vampire series I’ve been writing with my co-author Nicole since July 2007. We are still working on editing this piece, but we’re going over it with a fine-tooth comb one last time. Our self-imposed deadline for completion is September of this year, and I will start shopping it to agents/publishers once we get into the home stretch (most likely around August).

The story is of a young police detective named Griffin Blasko who, after being attacked by a vampire, is thrust into the world of the supernatural—and only Laila Chadevsky, a med student at Mount Sinai Teaching Hospital, is able to help him keep his humanity and his sanity amid the terrors he has to face. It’s basically a 15-chapter-long love letter to my and Nicole’s favourite vampire/horror series—including, but not limited to Forever Knight (me, of course), the Buffy-verse (Nicole’s thing, though I do like Angel’s spin-off show ‘cos Cordy rocks my socks) and Supernatural (both of us love those Winchester boys).

The Serpent’s Coil (The Great Rim Trilogy, Book 1)
Those who know me know how sick I am of reading far too many ersatz Middle-Earth fantasies with their meathead Chosen Ones and too many whiny, privileged YA protagonists. So, like a bolt from the blue, this idea for a YA Fantasy just ran up and punched me in the face one day:

It’s about a scholar-princess named Akirahem, who has a strong and loving relationship with her warrior-king father, His Imperial Majesty Aikarmut, Lord of the Eventide. As young Akirahem celebrates her sixteenth year, and her passage into adulthood, King Aikarmut is fighting to save his tropical-island kingdom of Eventide from conquest by the Setashren (whose seat of power is an impregnable island fortress surrounded by concentrically ringed walls). Despite the fantasy elements, there’s really not much in the way of sorcery, yet—although there will be mermaids.

I have the beginning and ending of the book plotted out (leaving space for the characters to grow organically and surprise me in the middle) and will be writing this for April’s Camp NaNo.

Chimaera’s Breath (The L.E. Trilogy, Book 1)
Another YA book, only this one’s a thriller. Like I said, I’m tired of whiny, spineless protagonists in YA and New Adult fiction. So, like the saying goes, if you want something done right…

I had started on this during last year’s NaNoWriMo, but realized that I had picked the wrong perspective by writing it in first-person, which wouldn’t properly serve the structural integrity and complexity of the story. So, I will be revisiting, revising and reworking my outline, and will be writing a new draft for July’s CampNaNo… which is a more relaxed event than NaNoWriMo. (Sometimes, you have to kill your darlings, yeah?)

The essentials of the story remain the same, however: Lenora Esteves is a poor and sickly girl living in squalor. A trip to the emergency room reveals she is dying from her rare pulmonary disease, and a shadowy group operating under the innocuous moniker of the Domestic Medical Health Advancement Agency steps in and promises a cure for her ailment. All she has to do is just sign on the dotted line… and that’s where the real trouble starts.

Apocryphal Musings
This is my poetry compilation. Currently, it has more than 90 poems… and I’m unearthing more and more writings from storage every day, so there’s no telling when this will be completed. I do intend to have it complete before the end of the year, however. And, as poetry is a niche genre for me, I’ll be self-publishing the A-M collection via Smashwords.

I have placed Forever Nick & Nat (the 100_words drabble collection) and Five Things Nick Changed for Natalie (the vignette collection) on hold for April and will be resuming them in May, after Camp NaNo winds down.

My Twilight AU Mending Sunrise is also on hiatus. I have attempted to write the finale five different ways, and none were satisfactory, so I had to start from scratch for the final installment. This will also be picked up again in May.

I will also continue writing one-shots for various fandoms/spitedoms in May.

Critiques and Essays
I also completed the first part (of five) of my sporking of Texasbrat’s adult FK fanfic “Dark Desires.” This too will be on hold until Camp NaNo is over. It is my first legitimate attempt at sporking and, with the fic’s length being approximately 12,000 words, it’s short enough to not overwhelm me. It will be posted at das_sporking upon completion.

My review of Madonna’s back-catalog is almost complete, with just three more albums to go… and a load of b-sides and non-album tracks. Like my fanfiction and spork, this too is on hold for April and will resume in May. When it is complete, it will be posted on a schedule at the Anti-Madonna Board.

Tentative projects
I will be present and accounted for in this year’s FK Fic Fest, as well as for NaNoWriMo 2015. It is too soon to say what I will be writing for these—as the Fest is typically an exchange and has not yet begun, and NaNoWriMo is too far away (being in November) to know what will strike me creatively.

After all, I got April’s NaNo idea (The Serpent’s Coil) just a few weeks ago. Besides, planning ahead for the next six months is solid enough ground to work on as it is. Trying to think ahead any farther will only end up scaring myself back into my burrow (something I learned the hard way last year).

So, yeah. That’s my stuff. *cracks knuckles and signs into Camp Nano*

NOTE: “The Serpent’s Coil” and “Chimaera’s Breath” are both working titles, and subject to change.

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