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“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” ― Jack London

So, I started a fanfic project I’ve dubbed “30 Days of Fandom.” It’s exactly what it says on the tin–every day for 30 days, I will write a fanfic inspired by a prompt from the PDF 30 Days of Inspiration (which I got for free by signing up to Creative Writing Now’s newsletter).

What I’ve done so far…

Day 1: A Little Room for Cordy (Cordelia Chase, Angel)
Day 2: Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Winchester (Sam Winchester, Supernatural)
Day 3: Hell’s Attar (Crowley, Supernatural)
Day 4: The Next Knight (Nick and Nat’s daughter, Post-Forever Knight)

Also? Forever Nick & Nat: An Unconventional Love Story in Drabbles is almost complete. In the past two days, I’ve posted 9 drabbles… and there’s only 3 more to go.

Why the sudden burst of creative energy? I’ve taken to doing at least TWO timed writing sessions (25 minutes each) a day. Apparently, timing it is the best thing for me–it makes my inner critic run into hiding, and my Muse becomes a speed demon.

Well, so far it’s working anyway.

And in other (read: non-fanficcy) news: MY POETRY COLLECTION IS ALMOST COMPLETE! HALLELUJAH! (Seriously, I’m shooting for a June release via Smashwords. I am so psyched.)

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