Mel’s 2013/2014 Fanfic Roundup

(Because I didn’t do this for those years. My bad. And here‘s 2012’s roundup.)

The Collar
Forever Knight – Mature – 1179 words – 21.Jan.2013
Everything that she had ever longed for him to say would be there, silent and weighted in every carat of gold and diamond. All she’s ever wanted is to belong to him and now, with a thin band of metal, she’s his completely.

Story Time
Forever Knight – General – 888 words – 20.Mar.2013
“The sorcerer granted the prince’s wish… for a price.” A little bedtime story for the young and the young at heart.

Be My Valentine: The Twitter Edition
Forever Knight – Teen – 329 words – 5.Jun.2013
“I’M TELLING MOM U MADE OUT W/ AN OLDER MAN. SHE’LL GROUND YOU 4EVR.” Exactly what it says on the tin: Interactions between the characters in BMV, as if they were live tweeting on Twitter.

Forever Knight – General – 193 words – 24.Jul.2013
Nothing ever seemed to get any better, only worse. She isn’t just feeling sad today. Commentfic written for the Writers Against Cliches series on LJ’s das_sporking comm.

Bless the Child
Forever Knight – Teen – 2394 words – 28.Jul.2013
“This isn’t right. They’re only children!” Kids are being murdered all over Toronto–their throats punctured and their bodies drained of blood. Nick must catch the killer before another young life is lost… and fix a mistake that was made years before. Written for the 2013 [community profile] fkficfest.

Don’t Move
Forever Knight – Explicit – 1631 words – 07.Dec.2013
“When you say that you need me, what do you mean?” After an emotionally tough case, an on-edge Nick seeks out Natalie for comfort. She responds with a little physical therapy.

Rock Bottom
Forever Knight – Explicit – 2167 words – 10.Aug.2014
“You really don’t care anymore, do you?” Sometimes, you have to hit rock bottom to see the light above you. Written for the 2014 [community profile] fkficfest.

Of Juliet and Her Romeo
Twilight – Teen – 2468 words – 12.Feb.2013
Maybe Bella Swan was part of his class because she needed to be. Meet David Pierce, former Broadway thespian and current Forks High School drama teacher. He loves working with his eager young students, though some require more special handling than others.

Twilight – Teen – 3574 words – 14.Mar.2013
I wanted to kill him. I wanted to put the bullet in his head that this piece of scum had intended for my little girl. Bella’s house-arrest sentence is lightened… only for her to find two different kinds of trouble–once among the humans of Forks and again with the Volturi. Part 4 of the Mending Sunrise series.

The Battle Hymn of Leah’s Knights
Twilight – General – 263 words – 29.Mar.2013
Leah, Leah, Leah Clearwater! Her Awesome marches on! The official theme song for the Knights Who Say Leah, to the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Because my doped-up-on-antibiotics brain figured we needed a theme song. Written for the das_sporking comm.

Normal Guy vs. Edward Cullen vs. Lord James Grey the Cat
Twilight – General – 816 words – 09.May.2013
While you’re away, James would doze off on your bed. The house is boring without you. Yet another “Normal Guy” vs. Edward Cullen comparison–this time, with my mom’s adorable, sweet and fluffy cat.

The ABC’s of Anti-Twilight
Twilight – General – 280 words – 29.July.2013
Learn your ABC’s, the anti-Twilight way! Written for the Twispitefic comm on LJ. Contains some language and mildly suggestive humour. Do not fold, bend, spindle or mutilate.

Fifty Shades Trilogy/Triplets (short film) – Teen – 865 words – 31.Jan.2013
“Yes, because ignoring things always makes them go away, Ana.” Five minds, one plan. Heaven help Christian Grey. Inspired by Within Temptation’s short film “Triplets” (which ties in with both their single “Shot In The Dark” and their comic book The Unforgiving). Part 2 of The Many Personalities of Anastasia Steele. Written for TwiSpiteFic on LJ.

Wrath of Goddess
Fifty Shades Trilogy/Egyptian Mythology – Teen – 514 words – 13.Feb.2013
“I, THE GREAT GODDESS HATHOR, AM MISTRESS OF THE BARREN, MIDWIFE TO ALL MOTHERS, AND AVENGER OF THOSE TORMENTED BY MEN.” Do not invoke the wrath of a goddess by landing in her sacred field. Especially if your name is Christian Grey. Written for the das_sporking and TwiSpiteFic communities on LJ.

Normal Guy vs. Edward Cullen vs. Griffin Blasko
Twilight/Griffin Unbowed (homebrew) – Teen – 700 words – 02.May.2013
Yet another “Normal Guy” vs. Edward Cullen comparison–this time, featuring the Pureblood vampire Griffin Blasko. (Locked fic.)

Debate Fic 3: Lucien LaCroix vs. Aro di Volturi
Twilight/Forever Knight – Teen – 912 words – 29.May.2013
“You bore me.” LaCroix pays a visit to the Volturi. The last of the debate fic trilogy, written for the TwiSpiteFic comm on LJ.


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