First Lines Meme by blythechild.

List the first lines of your last ten stories. See if there are any patterns.

1. “Nick sighed, his mind bobbing up to reality from the depths of his dream.” (from No Requiem, Forever Knight)

2. “Professor Emerson glared at Julia. ‘Is English your first language?'” (from The One Where I’m a Student in Professor Emerson’s Class, Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard)

3. “The phone rings. You give a dissatisfied grunt, and quickly swallow a mouthful of Molson beer before answering. ‘Steele residence.'” (from Ready, Set, Don’t Go, Fifty Shades of Grey)

4. “My hands shake as I slowly drink my tea. I can’t taste it; my mouth is dry and cottony. My mind is running in circles–Ray’s the only father I’ve ever known.” (from A Talent for Trouble, Fifty Shades of Grey/Talent Universe)

5. “To be or not to be… that is the question. The ultimate question, because we are and are not. We are in the space between. Welcome to Night Vale.” (from Mirage, Welcome to Night Vale)

6. “‘You have kept me waiting.’ Her voice was the too-cool cadence that marked her as alien, as nothing like the girl whose body she inhabited.” (from Dagger Eyes, Angel)

7. “In many ways, Nicole had been blessed.” (from The Next Knight, Forever Knight)

8. “Crowley relaxed on his throne, idly staring into space. Distantly, he could hear the cries of the tormented and smell the blood and fear.” (from Hell’s Attar, Supernatural)

9. “Sam watched from the Impala as Dean laid carnations before their mother’s tombstone.” (from Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Winchester, Supernatural)

10. “Cordelia had been thrilled to move into the Apartment at Pearson Arms. It was perfect; so full of light and air and soft, muted pastels.” (from A Little Room for Cordy, Angel)

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