Mission accomplished!

The first really good thing to come out of this year, so far?

My co-author and I finally finished our original vampire novel. I mean, we honest-to-goodness finished a book that was a mind-blowing TEN YEARS in the making, the last two of which were devoted to some heavy surgical reconstruction of the story (because some of the original scenes didn’t work as well as we’d hoped). My co-author and I had a surreal moment where we were like, “It’s actually done? It’s honestly, really done? Weird.”

But yeah. It is in fact, actually, truly finished. So we’ll be working on writing up a query letter and awesome summary so we can shop it to agents and pubs next month.

Now, I’ll be able to focus on my fanfic whole-heartedly. Heaven knows, I need the break after so long of having my nose to the grindstone. Around April or May, we’ll begin working on Book 2, regardless of whether or not we get a publishing deal straightaway.

But like I said, with the book done, I can focus on the fanfic ideas that have been patiently waiting in the wings all this time. I’m so stoked, you have no idea. 🙂

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