Getting down with the Knight-conage.

I added 200 Forever Knight icons to the avatars page, under “Art & Music.” Yes, you read that right; that’s a two with two zeroes attached. Forever Knight has long been my favourite show, and the 90s nostalgia is strong with this one. (Actually, I’m a wee bit obsessed. NGL.)

Also? Forever Knight is finally gonna be getting a revival. The new film is in pre-production right now, but they’ve got a new logo made already.


I still prefer the simple elegance of the original TV series’ logo, though:


But, even so, I’m still looking forward to the new movie. As long as it doesn’t suck like TMNT, Transformers and 21 Jump Street all did. We’ll see what happens when the trailer comes out.

I’ve just got about 100 (non-FK) avatars left to upload, and that’ll be over the next few days. Getting all the FK icons up was the hard part, because I made so damn many. But it’s all a labour of love, of course. 🙂

Speaking of work, I’m still very much hard at work on my original material. You can help me out by joining up to my Patreon page and getting unrestricted access to my original short stories, starting at just $1 per month.


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