FAQ (Part 1)

What is astrology?

Astrology is the ancient scientific art of reading the apparent positions of the planets and stars in order to make predictions on the days to come, and to help individuals understand themselves. This is not the same thing as being psychically gifted.

I read the position of the planets at the time of your birth in order to reveal the deepest secrets of your heart that you didn’t even realize were there. I also compare and synergize the charts of couples to determine whether or not they are truly compatible, and what they need to work on, for their love to last.

I am your astrological advisor. The stars are my guide to aid you in realizing yourself. Consider me your therapist with a star chart.

What is the tarot?

Tarot is another way in which to predict outcomes, and the one that I find myself to be most naturally proficient at, though it’s a comparatively new discipline in my arsenal.

The basis for the tarot was originally invented in ancient Egypt, and it was later codified into its modern form in Italy in the 14th century. It involves interpreting the images of a certain number of cards drawn a certain way from a deck of cards specially designed for the purpose of prediction.

It is also not something that you have to be psychic to do, but it does require skill to interpret. Having sensitivity of some kind definitely makes the process of interpretation easier, though.

What is a strega?

A strega is a female practitioner of traditional Italian witchcraft and folk magic, known as Stregheria. I create custom-made spells that tap into the energy of the earth, sending positivity your way. It is not a psychic power either. Psychics are naturally gifted, whereas stregas must learn their craft.

I am not a Wiccan. Wicca as it’s understood today is a weak, mainstreamed, neutered form of its original form (that being Gardnerian Witchcraft). Stregheria is the real deal, and is only known by the few who have delved deeply into the realm of magic, and has been quietly passed down through many generations. It has real power to change your life, if you trust in it.

I have been a strega for over twenty years. I have studied hard to develop my talent in the same way that medical students must go to school for years before becoming licensed physicians. I have the know-how to help you.

What can I do for you?

I can use my insight as a tarot reader/astrologer and spellcasting power as a strega to aid you under any circumstances. Whether your lovelife is foundering, your bank account is draining, your health failing, or any other troubles that plague your life — let me help you.

I will tell you the truth concealed in your stars and laid before you in the cards.  If you so choose, I can also cast a spell (created just for you, and no one else) so your circumstances will become more favourable.

What I will NOT do…

I will give you no letters telling you to purchase another spell or some ridiculous bauble that does nothing, nor are there any hidden charges. You pay only once to get the results you need.

My interpretations and spells are completely individualized, personal aid, not some cheap printouts you can get from a Wicca 101 spellbook and an astrology program. Let me give you the attention you deserve!

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