FAQ (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1.

Do you have, or have you ever had, visions?

Yes. Although I had them much more frequently as a child. My personal theory is that children are far more open to the ebb and flow of the energies of the world, whereas the adult’s Sight gets bogged down by emotional and mental baggage.

An example from my adulthood, however, is when I foresaw the man who would be the love of my life… years before I ever met him. I’d never even met someone who remotely looked like him, but I saw everything about him, down to the make and model of truck he currently drives.

We are now engaged after two years of dating… and I’m still having visions of our future children. First a boy, then a girl. The girl has my long, wavy hair, is thin-faced (a quality neither of us have) but otherwise looks more like him, and the boy has his eyes and dark hair, but is as pale as me. We’ll see what happens from here. 🙂

Isn’t having visions and stuff just a sign of mental illness?

It can be for some. However, in my case, I found that being treated for depression a few years ago cleared my mind and helped me open up further to the subtleties of the world around me, making me MORE sensitive to psychic phenomena. Likewise, intoxication actively has hampered my psychic sensitivity, shutting it down in the same way that it shuts down critical thinking in others.

Consequently, I never get drunk. It’s like running around with a blindfold for me.

Have you seen ghosts?

Seen them? No. But felt a ghostly presence certainly… to the point that I’ve been laying completely still on my bed, and the mattress has noticeably shifted… as if someone or something were sitting on it.

To this day, I’m infrequently visited by both the spirit of my grandfather (who passed away in the early 1990s) and my deceased cat, Moonstone (who was my familiar, and she sadly died of feline stomach cancer in 2014). Both are beings who loved me–and I loved them–with a fierce devotion.

When Moonstone shows up, there’s an audible thump at the foot of my bed, exactly like how she used to jump on it in life. The last time my grandpa showed up, the bed creaked and I felt his hand on mine, and the room was filled with the smell of his Old Spice cologne.

It sounds scary, but I never feel any fear in these visitations. I know they come here to comfort me. (And no, I wasn’t dreaming. I was wide awake, reading in bed both times.)

Have you hunted ghosts?

No. I wouldn’t. I personally feel that, if a ghost is present, it’s because it wants to be there. Trying to get it to leave or interfering with it will only anger it. And you don’t want to piss off the dead; any Walking Dead fan will tell you that.

What about demons? Have you either exorcised or summoned a demon?

I stay far away from anything that involves that sort of thing. But isn’t it interesting how only Christians tend to be haunted by demons? And that you can’t be possessed by a demon unless you believe in one? Yes, that’s because the “demons” are a combination of psychic residue from abuse and from the victim’s own psychological torment.

The demon-possessed? They’re mentally ill. Full stop.

And yes, one can have the so-called “demonic” skill to speak dozens of languages you never spoke (which is a rare psychic talent) and still be mentally unstable. Both psychic talents and mental illness rest in the brain… and both are still largely misunderstood.

Otherworldly beings exist… but can you honestly believe that some of them actually have the time to fuck with us?

You mentioned you’re into witchcraft. Can you put a curse on [insert person, place or thing]?

No. I don’t do curses. If the person is so bad it makes perfect sense to consider cursing them, then maybe you should consider calling your local authorities on them instead.

Otherwise, let karma handle it. And believe me, it will. I’ve seen it for myself with some people who hurt me very badly. They got their asses handed to them by the Universe, and I never had to lift a finger.

Beyond that, in a practical sense, curses are extremely risky stuff. Not only will you hurt the person or people you’re aiming for, but there’s a psychic ricochet from it that puts both you and the spellcaster in the line of fire. Do you really want to risk some very real damage to your own body, mind and soul just so you can have your revenge?

To wit: Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

Do you work with runes?

I have a bag of runestones. However, at this point, I don’t feel like I’m qualified enough to add them to my arsenal of divination materials full-time. I’m still learning all about them.

So far, I know that Runes are similar to the Tarot in using visual depictions to interpret an outcome, only Runes are carved pebbles rather than shiny cards. I also know that they’re a Celtic tradition dating back thousands of years and…. uh, well, that’s really all I know so far.

It’s a work in progress, you understand.

Can you see or read auras?

No. Some psychics can. I’m not one of them.

Can you find missing people?

No. And no legitimate psychic is qualified to handle a missing persons case. There are professionals who can, however. You’ll find them at your local police station.

A psychic is qualified only to aid you in seeing the paths in your life, and to advise you on which path to choose. She has specific gifts to that end, but means she’s not as effective elsewhere.

You go to a doctor when you’re ill. You call a police man when there’s been a kidnapping. And you call a psychic when you’re overwhelmed by your choices.

What is your opinion on the likes of Sylvia Brown and John Edwards?

That they make the rest of us look bad.

Sylvia’s been caught multiple times engaging in behaviour that, in any other profession, would be criminal… or at least get her fired from any agency of standing. And John Edwards’ “gift” is called cold reading, which is to toss out words and phrases that anyone can identify with in a string that can mean anything, until you find your target. Almost anybody has a female relative who’s name begins with a C, for example. (Wiki it for a quick rundown of the facts… although I do want to slap Wikipedia for implying that ALL psychics use cold reading. I don’t.)

People like them are unscrupulous, gaining fame and fortune off the backs of those who are hurting without actually helping anyone… in fact, most of the time, their “advice” just make the seeker’s situation worse.

Me? I only just charge enough for my services for me to get by. Yes, I want to help people and, yes, I have bills to pay too. But you won’t see me on TV charging thousands for some vague advice you can find in a fortune cookie.

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