Brand spankin’ new look.

Thanks to my new Adobe Stock license, I’m now able to personalize this site a bit more. So I decided to go with a piece of art (“Literature,” created by the extraordinary hand of Olga Kalinichenko) that looks far better than anything I could draw myself.

But I’m getting there. I’m nowhere near that level yet, but I’m getting there. Besides, I really do love the look of that picture. So yeah, I bought the license for it. But it wouldn’t feel right to me if I didn’t rep her work.

And, to go with the new header image, I completely changed the colours and design. I also added a static landing page. Eventually there’ll be more on the front page than just my intro text, but that won’t be for awhile coming.

Hope y’all like the new look. Go check out Olga’s work. 🙂

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Mostly, I write stuff. And, like the Egyptians and the Internet, I put cat pictures on my walls. Also, I can read your Tarot.

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