I’m the Anon who sent in the request for Heart of Darkness and THANK YOU SO MUCH! THIS IS AMAZING AND BRILLIANT! and I LOVED the references to Supernatural I’m a fan tho bit behind on my seasons XD again Thank you SO much for taking my request! ^_^

You’re quite welcome, darling! I’m glad the results are something you very much enjoyed.

When you first sent me the request, I had only seen the first of the two messages, and IMMEDIATELY knew from that why Dark chose our reader proxy and what would happen to her. Then I saw the second part of your request, and it dovetailed so nicely into what I was imagining.

Dark was VERY insistent to me about adding on to his “family”. And what the Hellgod wants, he always gets. 🙂

The build-up was the tough part, but the ending was immensely satisfying for me, as a writer. I enjoyed writing this, and stayed up throughout the night last night, seized by the “writing bug” to finish what I started a few days ago. Or should I say, I was held hostage by a writing DEMON? 😉

Thank you for sending in your wonderful, inspiring prompt. If you have any more where that came from, please send ‘em my way!


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