So after spending the day “researching”, I am officially in too deep into the Dark lore. In fact, I changed my phone wallpaper to a really great edit I found! My friend noticed this, of course, and asked, “Hey, isn’t that the YouTuber you watch? He looks kinda… different.” 0_0 “Oh, just a little.” 😂

That gave me a chuckle, because I did exactly the same thing when I first got into Dark: changed my phone wallpaper AND my laptop wallpaper. My phone wallpaper has since been changed again (to a space-themed one with Markimoo), but my laptop still has Dark on it:


The wallpaper’s called “Darkiplier Virus” and it was made by nightwingrobin. You can find it somewhere on DeviantArt.

Also? There’s tiny text (at the bottom, and hidden by my status bar here) that says “deleted by hell” and “He’s coming for you”. I love it with all my feels. 🙂


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