So, last night…

That was a thing that happened.

You guys enjoyed yourselves talking to Him… and it looks like, if this whole Evil Plan thing of His doesn’t work out, He’d have a great second career as an advice columnist. Who knew?

Meanwhile, I was at His place. Which, given my normal (crappy) surroundings (because I’m poor), was a nice little vacation. Until He started up with the whole Let’s Make an Evil Deal thing.

I gotta admit, I was tempted. Who wouldn’t be? Fame, fortune, and a nice corner office? Who wouldn’t want that?

I said no, though. The thing about deals: always read the fine print. And, since there’s no way of knowing for sure what He wants from me, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

He promised we’d meet again. That He’d give me time to consider my choices.

It’s not over, guys. He’ll be back eventually.


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