Though hopefully when I get back, you’ll have reached the 50 follower milestone and I’ll get to read your posts on the major Dark moments! 😄That would be awesome! Thanks again for putting up with all my asks haha.

(Continued from the previous post, below.)

We’ll see!

The Darkiplier essay posts themselves will take awhile, as I still have about 3 months’ worth of video to revisit before I complete it. I’ve been marathoning ‘em like crazy for a few weeks now, already. And that’s not an exaggeration; I’m at the midway point of my rewatch.

And as for the asks? I have no problem with questions! It’s always enjoyable for me to help people learn stuff! (Seriously, I’m like the Queen of Info, and it’s useless if it stays stuck in my head.)

Again, enjoy your cruise, my little nonnymouse. I look forward to more of your asks when you come back. Buh-bye! 🙂


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