yo. so i really really dont like thunder and i was wondering if you had any HC’s of the egos helping you get over / comfort you when thunder comes. sorry if this is stupid i’m a grown adult scared of thunder shdznzhsmznd


no worries, sweetheart! the storm will pass, don’t you worry. i’ve got some for you in the meantime!

  • chase has the most experience with comforting during thunderstorms, since his kids get pretty spooked by them too. he’ll bring blankets and pillows and build a pillow fort for you and him. he’ll put on the tv just for the background noise and make sure you’ve got plenty of blankets.
  • the host will gently narrate the storm to you, alerting you beforehand should loud claps of thunder echo or when the storm starts to pass. he’ll hold your hand for comfort.
  • wilford will do whatever he can to distract you from the noise, whether it be talking and laughing, or watching a movie with you, or making popcorn, or playing a video game with you.
  • dark will allow you to cuddle up against him. he’ll wrap an arm around you and whispers every so often that the storm will pass.
  • anti will probably yell at the thunder, trying to scare it away saying like there can only be one loud thing in this world.
  • bim will point out about how pretty the rain sounds against the window and that it’ll help the plants grow, which that will get him off talking and he’ll try to engage you in conversation as well. that boy can talk your ear off. but he’ll make sure you give you reassurance that everything will be okay as well.

I legit LOL’d at the Anti imagine.

I’m actually afraid of storms too (it’s called astraphobia, for those who don’t know). The thunder is just noise to me; it’s where the lightning’s hitting that sends me into a state of panic.

One time, there was a storm so bad, it was LITERALLY right over my head, with NO delay between the lightning and the thunder. I huddled in the hallway, the only place in the apartment where there’s no windows, and called my mom on my cellphone. I was in tears from sheer mortal terror, and she talked me through it. I was 23 at the time.

In spite of that (or maybe because of it), the sheer ludicrousness of the mental image of Anti standing in the middle of a storm like that and bellowing at the Heavens is hilarious to me. It would definitely be strangely comforting during a storm.


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