I rewatched Don’t Play This Game…and my memory is failing me obviously, because I have no recollection of Dark EVER making an appearance in that video. I remember hin trying to figure it out like normal, not getting it, then looking it up out of curiousity and telling us that you need to get a specific number out of 780…I SWEAR that’s what happened and yet…I can’t remember at all. And I have no clue why…this wasn’t that long ago, I should remember something as big as Dark appearing and everything in the video changing. Did I imagine all that, him looking up the answer? It’s so strange…and I’m so confused…what is happening?

Dark doesn’t “appear” per se. The creaks and groans and reality-bending that usually heralds His arrival take place, and His voice is heard over a black screen repeating the words: “Do you understand Me? Nobody does.”

The rest is all a matter of interpretation. Some choose to believe it as a sign that Dark was pretending to be Mark in the first place, but then they make the jump and talk about it as if that’s canon, when…

Well, we only know that we hear Him at one point. That’s literally ALL we know.

(I talked about it in Part 2 of my Darkiplier essay, BTW.)

I just think the thing is…why don’t I remember this? It was only 4 months ago, for one, and two, I don’t understand why I remember an entirely different ending to that video. I don’t remember anything about Dark at all. I remember, for whatever reason, Mark looking up the trick to the game and saying what it was, that you had to get a specific number out of 780. I don’t know why my recollection of the video is so much different.

Also, when Dark says “Do you understand me? Nobody does.” I feel like that’s Dark trying to be manipulative, saying that he’s misunderstood as a way for us to get us to trust him so he can use us. But I mean idk. Just…rewatching the video and seeing something different than what my brain remembered…hell, even the thumbnail was different than I remembered…I’m just confused…it’s so strange

Mark doesn’t look up a trick to the game. He attempts to write down the words, and guesses that the 780 has something to do with the letters in the entire spiel said. That occurs in the middle of the video. I think you’re half-remembering what happened in the middle, without remembering the ending.

I agree, that Dark is being manipulative. He always is. Of course, some people think it’s “emo” of Him, but I think He’s mocking us, challenging us when He says that nobody understands Him. As if to say, “But you’re welcome to try figuring Me out.”

It’s the goth part of him.


The truth is, though, we really DON’T know anything about Him for certain. That smug asshole of an entity is, unfortunately, right in His assertion.

Or he’s saying that we have him all wrong and he’s bumbed out about it.

Except… the Darkiplier we all have come to love was created by Mark to be a master of manipulation (as Mark stated in the February livestream). Having us remain both curious and ignorant gives Dark an advantage over us.


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