I rewatched Don’t Play This Game…and my memory is failing me obviously, because I have no recollection of Dark EVER making an appearance in that video. I remember hin trying to figure it out like normal, not getting it, then looking it up out of curiousity and telling us that you need to get a specific number out of 780…I SWEAR that’s what happened and yet…I can’t remember at all. And I have no clue why…this wasn’t that long ago, I should remember something as big as Dark appearing and everything in the video changing. Did I imagine all that, him looking up the answer? It’s so strange…and I’m so confused…what is happening?

Dark doesn’t “appear” per se. The creaks and groans and reality-bending that usually heralds His arrival take place, and His voice is heard over a black screen repeating the words: “Do you understand Me? Nobody does.”

The rest is all a matter of interpretation. Some choose to believe it as a sign that Dark was pretending to be Mark in the first place, but then they make the jump and talk about it as if that’s canon, when…

Well, we only know that we hear Him at one point. That’s literally ALL we know.

(I talked about it in Part 2 of my Darkiplier essay, BTW.)


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