You know, I use to be the type of person that always says “Floor’s better than Anette and Tarja” and “Tarja’s an awful person and so is Anette”. Yeah, well, I’m not that person anymore. I love Floor, Tarja, Anette and the guys in Nightwish. I love Nightwish period. I’m now the type of person that says,“Can we all just enjoy the music and just not deal with rumors against the musicians anymore?” I mean, come on, let’s be honest, the whole Tarja vs Nightwish/Anette vs. Nightwish/ Tarja vs. Anette vs. Floor topic is starting to get old and annoying. Let’s just enjoy the music.

It’s a more mature way of looking at it, certainly.

Tarja and Anette had problems while in the band. That doesn’t make them bad people; it just means that not all the personalities in the band meshed well.

Anette’s got a new solo project coming out, and Tarja’s touring. They’re both doing very well for themselves, and seem happier now that they’re calling the shots rather than being part of a collective. Both of them have the strong personalities better suited to carrying a solo career.

Floor seems like she’s having the time of her life as Nightwish’s new frontwoman, and she was a huge fan of them before she joined up. She’s also very fond of collaborating with others, preferring being in a band to being a solo act. It seems like third time was the charm for finding the right personality to fit what the band needs. (That was not a diss to Tarja or Anette, BTW. I love all three women.)

Let’s not spoil the professional squee for Floor by arguing who’s better, and let Tarja and Anette move on with the next stage of their lives and careers.


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