Getting a little personal here…

I’m still working on fic requests. It’s been slow because there’s a lot going on right now. A family thing.

No point in being coy about it.

My godfather has been hospitalized. He had a really bad seizure, and his blood pressure dropped dangerously. The seizures sadly aren’t new, as his health has been failing him for years, but this time feels like he hasn’t got much left in him.

It’s a waiting game. Months? Weeks? Days? We don’t know yet. But he can only hold out for so long.

It breaks my heart because he always had this quiet strength about him… and to know he’s losing the fight so gradually, so painfully…

I just want him to have peace.

I’m sorry if this is a huge downer on your dash, but that’s why I’ve been doing a shitload of reblogs lately. I’m trying to focus on the things that make me happy. Like the upcoming follower milestone, Markiplier’s vids and stuff like that.

Mark’s smart-alecky commentary and the fans’ cute art and edits are exactly what I need to put a smile on my face right now.

Just give me a little time, guys. I’m still gonna do the things I’ve promised to do, just… not quickly.


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