Idea for upcoming milestone.



Oh wow! I just realized I’m getting close to having 100 followers!

I want to do something special for you guys to celebrate, once I hit 100. I’ve seen other blogs do this, and I’d love to take a crack at it myself because it’s a cool concept/style.

What do you think of us doing an interactive fiction together? I write a chapter, and then give you two choices, and you vote on what comes next. Then you get a new chapter based on the choice you made, followed by a new choice to make. And so on.

It will, of course, involve Darkiplier (but you already knew that). I think it would also be the best way to introduce my version of Peevils, and continuing the Darkness-verse. Which means Anti and Meg will both be there, and I might be convinced to add other Darktubers. 😉

So, what do you say? Do you want the power in your hands?

Guys, I’m so close to making 100! This’ll totally be a real, legit thing any day now!




You guys are awesome! 😀

I’m gonna work on the first chapter of that interactive fic, just like I promised in the post above. In the meantime, here’s a dancing Markimoo for your dash!


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