A quick note regarding asks…


I currently have three asks in my inbox, of fic ideas waiting to be written.

  1. Reader is an investigator looking into Meg’s “disappearance”
  2. Reader receives “intense therapy” sessions from Dark
  3. Dark’s initial reaction to the Dark vs. Anti vid

If none of these sound like yours, it’s not because I’m ignoring you. I just want to make that clear.

If I didn’t list your request, it’s because Tumblr was a little shit and ate it. I know that it has been happening to several other people I’m following, and I just want to be sure my own lovely readers didn’t get caught in the crossfire.

So if you don’t see your fic request listed above, please send it to me again.

Reblogging my own post in an attempt to “signal boost” for people who might’ve missed it the first time, when I posted late last night.

There was also a nonnymouse who asked me if I can do poly and fluff (I totally can), but if they actually sent a fic request after that, I never received it. Again, if I didn’t mention your fic request above or I haven’t written it already, it’s because I did not receive it. Blame Tumblr for being stupid.

And yes, the request/ask line is always OPEN. Feel free to send things my way. 🙂


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