Just wondering, how can Dark’s own Aura kill him? Is it just so powerful it takes away your will to live or like…how’s it work? And can every Ego’s aura/void do that?


Dark’s aura is the embodiment of negative emotions, giving them a physical form. It feeds off of other people, building up this aggression that Dark can use as a weapon, but when Dark’s own emotions become uncontrollable, it can turn on him to feed and to release that aggression. Thus Host saying that Dark’s physical wounds aren’t the trouble.

It’s what’s going on inside of him that’s the issue, that’s dragging him so far down that he feels like he’s dying.

And no, his is the only aura that does that.

I think I get it.

It’s like all that rage and pain that His aura has fed on over the years is built up into a toxin that will poison Him, if He doesn’t release it on someone or something else. Releasing that pent-up negativity “flushes out” the toxic effects from His system… But, now that He’s in a fit of self-loathing, the toxin has nowhere to go and it’s “killing” Him instead.

Have I got that right? Or am I missing something?


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