Okay two questions. Since when did Googleplier ever glitch or bug out?? And who the fuck is Ed??


Ok so! Google glitches out a lot in Google Gets an Upgrade and I personally don’t know when Ed came into play but apparently he’s a salesman??

Ed Edgar is a one-off character from a skit Mark did with Cyndago. You’ll find his skit under the “Collabs with Cyndago” playlist on Mark’s channel. (Though Ed did re-emerge on Markiplier TV. He’s the one who talks with a Southern twang and tries to sell his son to one of the other Egos.)

As for Googleplier: Matthais broke him in Google IRL by asking a rhetorical question. Googleplier returned at the end of Minecraft 360, glitching really badly. He also appeared in the boardroom of Markiplier TV, still glitching. Then, in Google Gets An Upgrade, he finally stopped glitching when his upgrade was completed. (Those are all of Google’s appearances I listed, BTW.)

Hope this helps! 🙂


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