Thanks! School has been crazy so far, but what else can you expect for the first year of university? 😆Oh, and the coolest thing happened! I’d been really nervous to go into my first lecture since I obviously didn’t know anyone. So to cheer myself up, I made a bunch of Mark/Dark and Jack/Anti stickers. I slapped them onto my laptop, and when I sat down, a girl recognized them! She asked a whole bunch of questions about Dark and Youtube. So thanks Dark; my first friend is all thanks to You.😆

Sweet! That just goes to show that you never know where you’ll find a fellow fan.

Congrats on starting uni! That’s super-exciting too… but be careful not to overwork yourself. It can be tough to slow down, once you’re on that treadmill.

But in the meantime…

Let’s celebrate this new phase of your academic career… with a dancing Markimoo!


Seriously, congrats. College/university is a huge step. You should be proud.


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