Please take all the time you need on my story request! I honestly thought it might not have been your cup of tea and you decided to skip it. (Which I would have been okay with as well, because holy shit the wonderful stories you make give me LIFE!) I did let lose an honest to god screech when I saw you answered it.. <3 ~Love~ Nonnymouse!

Awww. My sweet little nonnymouse! Your visits to my inbox never fail to brighten my day!


If I didn’t think the prompt you gave was right for me, I would’ve still responded anyway… with an open call for some other intrepid writer to pick it up, so your little fannish heart wouldn’t be completely disappointed.

As it is, your prompt fits in just fine with my Darkness-verse characterization of Dark. 🙂

It just takes me time to get through my writings, and I like to respond to the prompts in my inbox as I’m considering them. So, me not answering to it right away doesn’t mean I won’t eventually get to it. And I’m always open to new ideas. 🙂


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