You know what blows my mind? How when people act as a character, the actor and the character look like two different people to me, even if they’re the same person.

So, let’s take Jacksepticeye for example. When he plays as one of his egos, somehow they all look so different, even though they’re all just Jack. Like, Anti looks different than Jack, Schneep, Marvin, Jackieboy Man, Chase Brody, they all look so different than Jack even though they’re all the same person and it blows my mind. Idk how to put it into words really, but all I know is that if you were to show me a picture of a SepticEgo, I wouldn’t say it was Jack, I would say it was whatever ego was in the picture. I hope that makes some sort of sense lol

Idk, I just think it’s super cool. It’s also an indicator that Jack is a REALLY FUCKIN GOOD ACTOR, so yeah :p nice work, bro! I’m super, super impressed 😀 Credit to Robin, as well, for his amazing editing skills! That definitely doesn’t go unnoticed, and it makes the videos what they are, which is super fuckin awesome!!!

The same is the case for me regarding Mark’s alter egos. 


Darkiplier seems tall, with broad shoulders, and an imposing yet trim form to go with his domineering and tightly controlled personality. With a pallid, almost deathly complexion that compliments his cold demeanour.


Google seems angular and slight, with narrow shoulders and hips, and a small (almost childlike) form that doesn’t take up much space. Because it would be inefficient for an android to require more room than necessary.


Wilford seems large and soft, with a bit of a belly, like a human teddy bear. Not large enough to be rotund, but rather stocky. It’s a physique that compliments his jovial personality.


FNAF!Mark is the classic “big guy” warrior archetype, all muscle and a physical strength that could do a lot of damage if he’s not careful. Which goes with his propensity for violence and skill with various forms of weaponry. Even his voice is noticeably deeper than Mark’s other characters.

Well, except for Darkiplier’s, because Dark’s a demonic abomination with a freaky-ass multi-tonal voice, which thunders like the voice of Zeus echoing down to us from the summit of Mount Olympus.

ALL THESE CHARACTERS ARE PLAYED BY THE SAME MAN. And yet they leave wildly different impressions in my mind, even down to the shapes and sizes of their bodies. That requires more than just the right clothing and makeup; it necessitates real skill on the part of an actor, to change the way they carry themselves into a manner that fits the character. (And I’m familiar with the methods and work ethic involved, as I took acting courses during my teenage years to overcome my innate shyness.)

MARK AND JACK ARE HUGELY TALENTED ACTORS. Don’t believe anyone who says any differently.


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